Wine Thermometers

The temperature of your wine when served has a profound impact on your enjoyment of it.

All the wine experts agree on one thing: “Nothing makes more of a difference when enjoying wine than its temperature!”

Ever had the same wine the first time and it was great, but not the second time? Why? The serving temperature was different. Most people believe that red wines should be served at room temperature. Yes, at about 60°F (15-16°C), the room temperature in a dark humid castle - over 200 years ago!

Simply bring out the natural flavour and bouquet of your favorite wine, just by serving it at its ideal temperature. Our products keep it simple by having pre-programmed temperature settings or providing the suggested serving temperatures in a convenient location.

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Model EWT235:
WineWatch Electronic
Wine Thermometer
Model EWT236:
Wireless Wine Thermometer
with Remote Control
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